The Magical World of Graphic Design

    Growing up reading the Harry Potter books, I was swept away into a world of goblins and potions, jumping chocolate frogs, and unexpected friendships. Merging history with fantasy, graphic designers of MinaLima worked with the Harry Potter film crew to visualize the world of magic. Although most of MinaLima’s designs only appear on screen for 1-2 seconds — if at all — the props provide support to the actors and help them stay in character. Successful prop design feels natural in the setting, propels the storyline, and becomes a character of its own.

    "Like the Weasley shop, we designed over 100 projects and you can see some of them in more detail, because in the film, if you blink, you will miss it." — Eduardo Lima

    "You can't write blah blah blah because it won't look right. You might as well make it interesting." — Miraphora Mina

    I had the opportunity to travel to London for a few days, back when I was studying fine arts and history in Rome. With my love of Harry Potter, I took myself to the Warner Brother's Harry Potter Studio Tour, just outside of London, in Watford, England. Although in my studies I was much more involved in painting and drawing, MinaLima's design work would inspire my career's pursuit of graphic design.

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